The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

National Cleaning Week


National Cleaning Week will next take place March 24 – 30, 2024.

This year's theme is "Cleaning for Well-Being."


About National Cleaning Week

Each year, starting on the fourth Sunday in March, we celebrate the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Spring is the most popular time for deep cleaning.

Everyone cleans, for many reasons, and one of those is for lower stress and greater piece of mind. Clutter and mess can lead to feeling overwhelmed and being anxious or unable to focus. Decluttering can reduce this anxiety and release endorphins. It can make your home a more healthy and safe environment. That's why this year's theme is about the connection between cleaning and well-being.

Origins of National Cleaning Week

Spring cleaning has been a time-honored tradition since ancient times for both religious reasons and practical ones. It provides an opportunity to remove dust, dirt, and clutter from the home coming out of the winter months. Find out more about the origins of spring cleaning in our blog post.

National Cleaning Week has been celebrated by the cleaning and cleaning products industry for many years and has been recognized by several state governments.

Spring Cleaning Statistics

Each year, ACI conducts a National Cleaning Survey to find out the latest home cleaning trends.

  • 80% of American households engage in some form of spring cleaning at least once a year. (source)
  • The top three rooms prioritized when spring cleaning are the kitchens (64%), bedrooms (61%), and bathrooms (59%). (source)
  • When tackling spring cleaning, Americans find the dirtiest things in their home are the windows (65%), floors (64%), and the toilets. (source)
  • 78% of American spending an average of six days spring cleaning their homes. (source)

Ways to Celebrate

  • Commit to Clean: Find out why cleaning is such an important part of showing we care for one another and product loved ones and the community against the spread of infection and illness. 
  • Make a Plan: Our spring cleaning planning resources can provide a checklist and next steps.
  • Show Appreciation: Cleaning professionals work hard to keep our spaces clean and this is a great time to show our support.