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Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Environmental risk assessment of polycarboxylate polymers used in cleaning products in the United States

Author : Paul C. DeLeo, Heather Summers, Kathleen Stanton and Monica W.Lam

Polymers General

High-Resolution Global Mean-Annual Surface Runoff And River Flow Datasets For Use In Risk Assessments

Author : Raghu Vamshi, Kathleen McDonough, Kathy Stanton, Amy Ritter

Cleaning Products Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessments for Topical Antiseptic Ingredients: Chloroxylenol

Author : Alison O’Connor, Phyllis Fuchsman, Kyle Fetters, Michael Bock, Lauren Brown, Miranda Henning, Monica Lam, Nathan Pechacek, Kathleen Stanton

Antimicrobials Risk Assessment

Critical review and probabilistic health hazard assessment of cleaning product ingredients in all-purpose cleaners, dish care products, and laundry care products

Author : Zhen Wanga, Dan Dinha, W. Casan Scott, E. Spencer Williams, Michael Ciarlo, Paul DeLeo, Bryan W. Brooks

General Risk Assessment

Clinical characteristics of exposures to liquid laundry detergent packets

Author : W Banner, S Yin, MM Burns, R Lucas, KM Reynolds, and JL Green

General Safety

A Time-Kill Kinetic Study of Four Antiseptic Active Ingredients Versus Strains of Twenty-six Species of Medically Relevant Bacteria and Yeast

Author : J.A. Mitchell, T. Eastman, J. Albright, J.L. Fuls, J. R. Rubino and F. H. Kruszewski

Antimicrobials Safety

Estimating the Evaporation Rate and Time-Varying Generation Rate of Acetic Acid from an All-Purpose Floor Cleaner

Author : S. F. Arnold, G. Ramachandran, H. Kaup and J. Servadio

Cleaning Products Asthma

Guidance for the Risk Assessment of Enzyme-Containing Consumer Products

Enzymes Properties

Environmental Stewardship Program for Polymers Used in Cleaning Products

Author : K. Stanton, M.W. Lam, A. Carrao

Polymers General

Environmental Stewardship Program for Polymers Used in Cleaning Products - Polycarboxylate Polymers

Polymers General