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Cleaning Product Supply Chain’s Top Business Event Set for Jan. 27-Feb.
Cleaning sofas, tables, and other furnishings helps keep them beautiful and in good shape for years to come.
The workshop series will focus on implementing hands-on science lessons in the classroom using the 5E Instructional Model and CEF’s You Be The Chemist™ Activity Guides.
The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched its 2019 Sustainability Report, which details its new strategy calling on the cleaning products industry to take bolder, collective action to achieve a cleaner world. 
Cleaning supplies are important to have on hand during natural disasters – whether you are staying at home or heading for higher ground.
The New York State Supreme Court invalidated the Household Cleansing Product Information Disclosure Program issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conversation (NYSDEC) on the grounds that they did not comply with the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA).
Would you believe that people find cleaning their home more rewarding than going to work? It’s true!
Front load washing machines are efficient and stylish, but as with anything in our homes, should be cared for to get optimal performance.
One of the many ingredients in cleaning products are solvents. They help give cleaning products the right thickness and help other ingredients stay mixed.
In addition to their school supplies, there are items we can drop into backpacks to help ensure our youngsters stay clean and healthy in the classroom.