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Cleaning Chemistry Catalog provides resources on household cleaning product ingredients Unveiling of C3 Tool Underscores Theme of 2023 National Cleaning Week: Understanding Clean The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) kicked off Nati
ACI President and CEO, Melissa Hockstad received a standing ovation during the Salute to Association Excellence event on March 17, having been named 2023 Association Executive of the Year by Association TRENDS and CEO Update.
This week is National Poison Prevention Week and we are raising awareness about the precautions to take now to help create a safe environment year-round.
The cleaning products industry is committed to doing its part to help make this future a reality. You can help by choosing products that are recyclable and made from recycled materials.
If you’re cleaning and still seeing cloudy spots on your glassware, you probably have hard water. As with most stains, the longer it sits, the more difficult it is to remove. There are cleaning products that can help remove the mineral buildup from surfaces or run dishes through the dishwasher again, this time using a rinsing agent.
Q. How often, if ever, do you or someone in your household engage in spring cleaning? 74% engage at least once a year 11% engage every other year 7% engage every three to four years 2% engage less often than every four years 5% never spring clean
74% of Americans Plan to Spring Clean at Least Once a Year Washing Windows, Cleaning Behind Furniture, Washing Linens Top Americans’ Chore Chart Checkout American Cleaning Institute’s Spring Cleaning Strategy Guide and Quick Spring Cleaning Tips Dig Deeper on
As we head into the time of year for spring cleaning, it’s a good time to check your cleaning supplies. For effective cleaning, make sure products are within their use by date and you restock anything running low. 
The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched a redesigned website for the Cold Water Saves initiative, a joint effort of ACI and The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) to promote the power of cold water washing.