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On Tap: Navigating Chemical Rulemaking, Carbon Capture, Packaging Policy, Journey to Sustainable Products, Election Preview ACI to Host Capitol Hill Fly-In Day Event Registration is Open on ACI’s Website The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is hosting their 2024 Mid-Year Meeting, a members-only event that
Board Welcomes Five New Directors Suzanne Carroll, Senior Vice President, Home and Personal Care, Nouryon is the newly elected Vice Chair of the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Board of Directors, joined by Sean Moriarty, Vice President and General Manager, Surfactants, Stepan Company, as ACI Board Treasurer.
ACI Distinguished Paper Award Presented at AOCS Annual Meeting Research that could be used to inform surfactant formulation has been recognized as the best paper published in 2023 in the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents. 
Spanish Researcher Honored with Glycerine Innovation Award Honor from American Cleaning Institute, Clean Fuels Alliance America Recognizes Research for New Uses of Glycerine Research efforts in the development of innovative strategies for upgrading bioglycerol are being honored with the 2024 Glycerine Innovation Award.
The American Cleaning Institute, (ACI) the trade association for the cleaning products supply chain, promoted Dr. James Kim to Senior Vice President of Science & Regulatory Affairs. 
The American Cleaning Institute – the trade association for the cleaning products industry – released the following statement in response to irresponsible headlines and stories - attempting to summarize a study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience - that distort the safety and beneficial use of quaternary ammonium compounds:
Do you ever notice a funky smell coming from your dishwasher, or maybe your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used to? It might be time to give your dishwasher a good cleaning!
Water conservation is an increasingly critical concern worldwide. World Water Day is a time to become more aware of our environmental impact when it comes to water usage.
70% of Americans find that cleaning gives them a sense of accomplishment 60% of Americans are more attracted to their partner when they take the initiative to clean their home Learn More on ACI’s 2024 Cleanin
Regular maintenance and the occasional deep clean can help your door mats last longer, look better and effectively trap dirt before it gets inside your home.