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ACI Welcomes Jessica Ek as Director, Digital Communications

Social media expert Jessica Ek has joined ACI as Director, Digital Communications. Click above for details.

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Better Cleaning Through Cold? ACI Honors Research Exploring Energy Efficient Laundering

Research that explores new ways for laundry detergents to improve their cleaning performance in lower wash temperatures was honored with the ACI Distinguished Paper Award. Click above for more details.

WhatsNew 2018 Mid Year

On-line registration for the June member meeting is open! Come prepared to strategize at the ACI standing committee meetings, attend speaker sessions and network with other ACI Members. Click above for more details.

WhatsNew 2018 spring cleaning

2018 Survey: When it Comes to Cleaning, Spring is Still King

76% of Americans plan to spring clean this year. Click above for all the details from ACI’s latest National Cleaning Survey.

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ACI Consumer Laundry Safety Initiative: PACKETS UP!

Thank you Parents Magazine for promoting our free easy-to-stick clings for the laundry room in your April issue! Our clings are a great reminder to keep laundry packets up and away from kids. Order your free cling today!

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