The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Reducing Waste


To be sustainable, we must meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. As an industry, we are striving to optimize use of our planet’s resources across all phases of a product’s lifecycle. In order to achieve this, we must pay particular attention to the water and energy we use and the waste we generate as a result of creating cleaning products.

The product packaging is critical in allowing your cleaning product to be safely transported to you and stored properly in your home. Today, many packages are designed so that they can be recycled at the end of their use and not sit in a landfill. While we are working on even better solutions that might avoid the creation of waste altogether, right now we need your help to ensure we are reducing the generation of waste were possible.

Waste Reduction Tips


  • Choose products in post-consumer recycled packaging: Many bottles, cans, bags and boxes are made with post-consumer recycled materials. This helps keep our landfills lean, and also prevents us from using up natural resources. Plus, when you choose products in packages made from post-consumer waste, it shows manufacturers that the environment matters to their consumers.
  • Try concentrated refills or reusable packages: There may be new systems at your local stores to refill or reuse packaging, consider giving them a try. 
  • Don’t waste product: Do your best to empty the container and use every drop. If you are not going to use the product, consider giving it to a neighbor or friend before disposing of it.
  • Consider cloth: What you use the products with matter, too. When wiping off counter tops and other surfaces, choosing a clean rag or microfiber cloth is often more sustainable than a paper towel or wipe.


  • Dispose of unused cleaning product. Our cleaning product disposal FAQ can answer you questions about emptying cleaning product containers before recycling.
  • Recycle empty cleaning product containers: Follow our guide to make sure you're following best practices for recycling cleaning products in your area. 
  • Look for the How2Recycle label: If you have any questions, this label can give you instructions about how to recycle the components of your product package.