The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)


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Our scientific and research programs contribute to the tools, data and insight ACI member companies and legislators use to assess the safety and effectiveness of cleaning products and their ingredients.


ACI and our members share detailed technical information with a variety of audiences as part of our commitment to transparency and product and ingredient stewardship. ACI’s research database include decades of peer-reviewed studies, many of which are open source and available to the public.


ACI’s Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI) is a comprehensive, publicly available inventory of ingredients used by member companies in the formulation of household cleaning products sold in the United States. Its aim is to provide a road map to publicly available human safety data for chemical ingredients used in formulated household cleaning products.

Cleaning Product Ingredient Environmental Safety (CPIES)

This project was designed to characterize ingredients that are contained in household cleaning products using a risk-based approach for aquatic receptors. The results can be used to determine if environmental risks are anticipated to be negligible or if additional data are required to make a more realistic assessment.


ACI’s web-based computer model, iSTREEM®, estimates amounts of a chemical that go down the drain and residual levels that subsequently enter the aquatic environment. This publicly available tool can be used to enhance researchers’ understanding of water quality by estimating chemical concentrations in wastewater treatment plant effluent, surface waters and at many drinking water intakes. The computer model covers over 240,000 river miles across the continental United States.