The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Cleaning Product Packaging

Baskets of cleaning products

ACI supports policy and innovation initiatives that create packaging and products consistent with our principles:

Sustainability: ACI’s advocacy will reflect ACI’s Principles of Sustainability via the promotion and support of the sustainability goals recognized by the ACI Board of Directors. 
Human Health and Quality of Life: ACI expects cleaning product packaging to protect the health and safety of consumers and to allow for the safe transport, storage, and use of the products they contain. 
Resource Stewardship: ACI supports policies and our industry’s efforts to maximize long-term use of natural resources and ecosystem services and to focus on the advancement of water stewardship and a circular economy, including reduced waste. 
Innovation: ACI supports policy and innovation initiatives that create more sustainable packaging and products consistent with our principles of sustainability.  These include efforts to reduce product packaging through product concentration and packaging innovation, and design for a circular economy including packaging reuse, material recovery, and incorporation of postconsumer materials. 
Collaboration: ACI encourages programs that require multi-stakeholder input and are supported by the affected industry.   
Finance: Funding sources for packaging recovery programs should be cost effective, limit fees and serve a clear and direct benefit to consumers, society, the environment and the specific impacted industry.