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Healthy Schools, Healthy People




Taking care of our schools is a critical priority for our young people to continue to thrive. For everyone, including faculty, nurses, parents/guardians and students to feel supported and confident in their school community, we recognize health and safety is a top priority – and everyone has an important role to play.

The Healthy Schools, Healthy People program is a collaboration of the American Cleaning Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dedicated to supporting school systems nationwide with tools to help reinforce hand hygiene and cleaning practices in an effort to prevent the spread of infectious disease and reduce related absenteeism.

Healthy Schools, Healthy People

Find posters, activities and interactive games to spread the word about the importance of hand hygiene and the need for clean schools and healthy kids.

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Commit to Clean Toolkit

The Commit to Clean toolkit offers resources for school administrators and educators designed to help communicate the importance of cleaning, disinfecting and hand hygiene for a healthy and successful academic year. All materials align with key public health guidelines and can help keep your students safe, healthy and learning.