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Liquid Laundry Packet Safety

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Liquid laundry packets feature concentrated detergent in a water-soluble film, offering a simple and sustainable laundry solution. They make doing laundry easier but, like with all cleaning products, must be stored properly to help prevent accidents at home.

ALWAYS keep laundry packets up and away from kids and NEVER let young children handle or hold them. Help us spread the word to keep #PacketsUp!

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Liquid Laundry Packet Statistics

36% of Americans believe they can enhance their laundry space with decorative jars or containers, showing the need for laundry safety awareness. Learn more about the latest laundry safety stats.

Store Not Decor
Store Not Decor

We love seeing those beautifully remodeled and redecorated laundry spaces! Just make sure to keep safety in mind. One dangerous trend we've seen is storing liquid laundry packets in clear containers. Cleaning products should always be stored safely.

Safety Tips
Safety Tips

Always store liquid laundry packets, in their original containers, up and out of sight and reach of children. Read the product label and follow the instructions. Learn more about this product type and help us share these relevant safety tips.

Educational Resources

Help spread the word about safe laundry practices! From a video showing a laundry room from a toddler's perspective to an activity sheet to teach kids what they should and shouldn't play with, we have resources for all ages.

Liquid Laundry Packet Safety Standard
Liquid Laundry Packet Safety Standard

ACI and industry manufacturers continue to work closely with public safety officials and consumer groups to identify best practices and understand LLP accidents to reduce their occurrence. Through this work, these organizations developed a safety standard comprised of packaging, product and labeling modifications to reduce inadvertent exposures.