The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Creating Safe Laundry Rooms

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We love seeing those beautifully remodeled and redecorated laundry rooms! Just make sure to keep safety in mind. One dangerous trend we've seen is storing liquid laundry packets in clear containers. Cleaning products should always be stored up and out of reach of children. Join us in spreading the word that when it comes to cleaning products, think #StoreNotDecor

Store Not Decor

With so many more people home during the COVID19 pandemic, interest in interior design products surged. At the same time, there was a 10% increase in exposures to household cleaning products among children. This one-pager lays out why it's so important to create laundry spaces that put safety first.

Packets Up

Our Packets Up campaign is focused on making proper storage of liquid laundry packets a daily practice to help prevent accidents in the home. ALWAYS keep laundry packets up and away from kids and NEVER let young children handle or hold them.

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