The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Liquid Laundry Packets

liquid laundry packets

Are you using single-load liquid laundry packets?

Single-load liquid laundry packets (also referred to as laundry pods, pacs, or packs) are a new laundry innovation containing highly concentrated detergent. If not safely stored or handled properly, the laundry packets can lead to injury from ingestion or exposure to the eyes.

Remember, children act fast, so do accidents! The American Cleaning Institute urges parents and caregivers to keep these products in a secure location out of reach and sight of young children.

How can you use laundry packets safely?

  • Like any other household cleaning product, keep single-load liquid laundry packets out of the reach and sight of children.
  • If you do not have dedicated storage in your laundry space, make sure to store your products in a closet or area of the home that is hard to reach and secure from a child’s reach. Consider using a cabinet or closet with a child safety lock.
  • Do not let children handle liquid laundry packets, even with supervision.
  • Read the product label before use.
  • Do not cut, tear or puncture single-load liquid laundry packets. They are designed to dissolve in water.
  • If the single-load liquid laundry packets stick together, throw them away.
  • Always handle liquid laundry packets with dry hands. The film that encases the laundry detergent is designed to dissolve quickly, even in small amounts of water.
  • Do not use the single-load liquid laundry packets for washing laundry by hand or to pretreat fabric.
  • Add the single-load liquid laundry packets to the bottom – also known as the drum – of the washing machine, both for top-loader and high-efficiency front-loader machines, before adding clothes, for best results. Do not put this product in your machine's dispenser drawer.
  • Always ensure re-closable bag or container is tightly sealed after use and during storage.
  • Keep laundry packets in their original container with labels intact.
  • Store laundry packet containers away from food and out of sight, as you would with other laundry products.
  • If you think a child has been exposed to a single-load liquid laundry packets, call your local poison center at 1-800-222-1222 immediately.