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Liquid Laundry Packet Safety: Child Activity Sheet


Poison Prevention Activity Sheet both

As a parent or caregiver, you play an essential role in the safety of your children. You have probably thought about car seat safety, cords on window coverings, and how to prevent drowning or burns. But what about laundry safety

The American Cleaning Institute created this activity sheet to help you teach children that laundry packets are not toys.

Children act fast and accidents can happen in an instant. Accidents involving liquid laundry packets can easily be prevented with safe use and storage.You can make a difference by ensuring you and your friends and family are properly using and storing liquid laundry packets by keeping them up high and out of reach of young children.

Thanks to our artists that shared their coloring sheet with us! They are learning to identify items they should never play with. Click the images to view a few of the completed coloring sheets we have received so far.

We encourage you to download the activity sheet and help your children color it.

Can I play with this Brad Bushland TX 
Bushland, TX
 Can I play with this Hayes VA
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Jowell & Aarinrona
Orlando, FL 
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Ellen Lauria
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