The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

ACI Convention 2022: Launchpad for a New Year of Business Innovation

  • “Even in challenging times, ACI is the forum for B2B engagements,” says CEO Melissa Hockstad
  • Also highlighted in “State of the Association” address: building upon the successful platform 'Cleaning is Caring" ACI will double down on outreach efforts

Throughout 2022, the American Cleaning Institute will build upon its core strategic pillars in advancing the interests of cleaning product manufacturers and chemistry producers: business, science, sustainability and communications leadership and focus.

“The last two years have demonstrated on a global level, we are much more than products on shelves or ingredients in bottles,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO, in her State of the Association address at ACI’s Convention. “We are an industry that puts people first….it’s our connection and commitment to others that truly matters.”

From a business perspective, the 2022 ACI Convention marks the kickoff to another year of innovation throughout the cleaning product supply chain, which allows our industry to meet the critical need for hygiene and cleaning products in every corner of the globe. Our Convention exemplifies the fact that we provide the forum for business-to-business engagements for manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world.

“In 2022 ACI will build upon the successful ‘Cleaning is Caring’ campaign, doubling down on outreach efforts to enhance smart hygiene and cleaning practices amongst numerous stakeholder communities. “‘Cleaning is Caring’ integrates a number of ACI’s current programs and acts as a springboard to build upon our efforts.”

‘Cleaning is Caring’ includes resources for businesses, child care facilities, colleges, schools and laundry safety, among others. ‘Cleaning is Caring’ also offers engagement through social media, the ACI and Good Housekeeping Discover Cleaning Summit and various partnerships. Hockstad adds, “as we look to 2022, we plan to utilize this platform to ensure cleaning, disinfecting, hygiene and health remain front and center.”

Hockstad highlighted additional strategic priorities for ACI in the year ahead:

  • Enhancing ACI’s dialogue with and outreach to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on chemical related regulations, climate change policies, EPA’s Safer Choice program and environmental justice initiatives. She also noted key engagement with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
  • Advocacy for a federal standard governing cleaning product ingredient communication, as ACI continues to build the foundation for congressional understanding and stakeholder engagement on this important policy issue. In 2022 ACI will enhance and maintain its strategic outreach and communication with its partners, and with more Members of Congress and congressional staff.

Hockstad noted that “policy engagement on ingredient communication is vital, not only to settle the marketplace, but to avoid a potential raft of differing proposals in the states.”

  • Advancing, promoting and utilizing science to drive informed dialogue and decision making, with particular areas of focus that will include microbial cleaning products, asthma, enzyme stewardship, and strengthening ACI’s Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative.
  • Driving impactful sustainability actions with member companies through ACI’s Corporate Compass, Circular Packaging Ambition, 1.5°C Climate Challenge programs and a new industry sustainability report.

“As sustainability initiatives and goals continue to evolve, we won’t rest on our laurels. We will be honest brokers to transparently and accurately convey our progress in the years ahead,” said Hockstad.

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