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C is for Clean: Childcare Cleaning

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Child care is essential for millions of working parents and caregivers across the country. This became even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. The C Is for Clean: Building Blocks of Health Child Care toolkit is designed to serve all members of the child care community, from providers and employees to children and parents/caregivers, echoing public health guidelines for disinfecting, cleaning and reinforcing hand hygiene.

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C is for Clean Toolkit

Please utilize the materials provided in this toolkit to lay the foundation of clean in your child care facility.

handwashing poster
Handwashing Poster

Display this handy guide prominently near sinks to encourage proper hand hygiene.

Facility Cleanliness Checklist

Ensure you are cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting everything in your facility according to best practices.

hot spot guide
Hot Spot Guide

Make sure you are targeting your cleaning and disinfecting efforts to key places in the facility.

handwashing tips
Hand Hygiene Tips for Providers

Get all the hand hygiene facts, from when to wash hands, how to teach kids and all about hand sanitizer safety.

flash cards
Handwashing Flash Cards

Help teach kids the steps to proper handwashing with these printable flash cards.

diaper change
Diaper Station Hygiene

Changing a diaper is a key time for hygiene. Post these guidelines as a reminder of best cleaning and disinfecting practices.

storage guide
Storage Guide

With children around, cleaning products must be stored in their original containers, up and out of reach. Use this poster as a helpful reminder because accidents can happen in an instant.

home guide
Home Handout

Send this handout home with parents and caregivers to help ensure a safe and clean home environment, too.

Using Disinfectants Safely

Hang this sign to help ensure disinfectants are used safely and effectively in childcare settings.