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Ingredient Communication: What Members Are Saying


Here's what the cleaning product supply chain is saying about ingredient communication:


"Consumer education is a key part of achieving empowerment through the “right to understand” principle. Education efforts are designed to reach people where they are and creates awareness of the tools and information available."

        - Kristin Cordz, Market Actives, LLC, Chair of ACI's Future Leaders

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"Aligning with ACI's industry priority of chemical management, Arylessence supports the ACI policy goal to ensure legislative and regulatory approaches at the federal and state levels are based on risk, and the preservation of members' ability to innovate and formulate to speed product to market."

        - Cynthia T. Reichard, Arylessence

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"Having a consistent disclosure framework for cleaning and other consumer products across the country will provide Americans with the information they need to be confident the products they are purchasing are safe for them, their families, and the environment."

        - Diego Ruiz, SC Johnson

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"We empower people with knowledge so they feel confident when choosing our products. We not only share the ingredients within each product, but also the purpose behind each ingredient, so people can understand the why behind the what."

        - Kevin Jordan-Deen, Colgate-Palmolive Company

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"We fully support a national product ingredient communication standard, because consumers have a right to know, understand, and trust what's in the products they bring into their home."

        - Lisa Pankiewicz, The Clorox Company

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"P&G recognizes and supports consumers' growing interest in knowing what ingredients are in the products they use. Our mission is to give them information that is clear, meaningful, and accessible so they can make informed choices for themselves and their families...As an industry, it is very important this is done consistently to help minimize consumer confusion and help them feel comfortable about the products they use in their homes every day."

        - Sean Broderick, Procter & Gamble

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