The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

How to Read a Product Label

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Cleaning product labels contain more information than ever before. Whatever you want to know about a product can likely be found either printed on the label or by following a link or QR code to additional details online. It is important to read the information on the label before using a product because there are instructions and safety messages to ensure safe and effective use. From directions to ingredients, our resources will help you understand more about what you will find on a cleaning product label and what it means.


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Elements of a Label

Review the four key elements of a cleaning product label and what to look for in each section: Directions, Caution Warnings, Ingredients and Storage and Disposal Instructions.


A growing number of cleaning product companies and brands are using SmartLabel. This information is available online and frequently also by scanning a QR code on a product. SmartLabel information is available to anyone with an internet connection or phone.

Certification Symbols

Product certification logos can be helpful indicators to see if a product lines up with your values, priorities and needs as well as a useful factor when weighing potential product trade-offs, like performance, price and sustainability.