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The American Cleaning Institute is listening to families and communities who want to know more about the ingredients in their cleaning products.

For moms and dads who want to know more than ever before about the products they use, SmartLabel is the digital shopping tool/app that gives access to timely updates on products across more store aisles and with more information than could ever fit standard labels. It’s the trusted information you’re looking for to help make the right choices for your family and to help you shop with confidence.

Ever Wonder What Is In Your Cleaning Supplies?

Go to SmartLabel and discover the answer. It is as easy as 1-2-3.  You can access SmartLabel at home or on the go while making your shopping list and when you are in the store. Simply search online at, scan the barcode or QR code on the package, or download the app.Ways to Get Information

A growing number of cleaning product companies and brands are using SmartLabel. This information is available in different ways. Some companies are starting with information on the web pages, while others also have it available by scanning a QR code on a product. SmartLabel information is available to anyone with an internet connection or phone.

Why Use SmartLabel For Cleaning Products?

Confidence—SmartLabel gives you timely facts and all the latest information directly from the manufacturers of cleaning products you buy. You can identify when a product contains ingredients that you or your family might want to avoid.

Convenience—SmartLabel makes it easy to get the most comprehensive information, whenever and wherever you want it. The program puts detailed information about products you buy and use right at your fingertips.

Simplify—With more than 330 different product attributes–from sustainability practices and allergens to health claims and animal welfare–you’ll find more product information than anywhere else. SmartLabel gives instantaneous access to information about the products you buy.

Do Other People Use SmartLabel?*

About 75% of consumers, just like you, say they would use SmartLabel. More than 300 million people in the U.S. have access to and use the internet. Smartphone ownership, now up to 64%, is projected to have reached 80% at the end of 2018. 

The cleaning products industry supports the use of SmartLabel. Through SmartLabel, 900 brands offer detailed product information for over 55,000 products. SmartLabel implementation grew by more than 100% in 2018, and more brands – as well as their shoppers – are expected to join in 2019.

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