The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Hands Off Germs


Handing Germs to Friends is Not a Nice Gesture!

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don't hand those germs to me

It’s important for everyone – especially kids – to be aware that unwashed hands can add up to lots of germs (and illnesses) for family, friends, neighbors – and even unsuspecting strangers!

Remind kids of the many people they come in contact with in a given day – such as:

  • Classmates and teachers at school
  • Children they babysit for, or fellow workers at afterschool jobs
  • Friends, families and relatives they visit
  • People they see at sporting events, playgrounds, places of worship, or in other community gathering places

If germs are passed to any of these people … chances are they may "pay it forward" unknowingly by passing germs along, too! That’s why handwashing is critical today – and every day.

Don't hand those germs to me! Let kids "do the math" by seeing how many germs – and potential infections – can add up in a single day. Get the PDF poster here.