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Finger Tips Infographic 

At Your Finger-Tips: Cold & Flu Prevention


Activity & Coloring Sheets

St Patricks Day Flyer
Keep Germs Away on St. Patrick's Day
Germs don’t go on vacation!
It's Back to School for You...But Not for Germs!
GHD Activity Sheet
Raise a Hand for Hygiene
Dont Do the Flu Keep germs Away
Help Keep Germs Away During Halloween Season!
Clean Paws
Keep Germs Away During the Winter Holidays!


Brochures, Bookmarks & Fact Sheets

08 English brochure
08 Spanish brochure
Handwashing Bookmark
Handwashing Bookmark Spanish



handwashing spanish

Resources for All Ages


Materials for 3 to 6 year olds:

Elementary School Storybook and Activity Book

School-Wide Hand Hygiene Education Program for K-12:

Hooray for Handwashing
Coloring Sheets, Story Book, Songs and Sheet Music
Hooray for Handwashing storybook
 Jeremy Germ and the Germinators
Jeremy Germ Storybook