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ACI: Improving Speed-to-Market for New Chemicals Among Top Association Priorities for 2024

Melissa Hockstad
  • CEO Melissa Hockstad, During “State of the Association” Address, Highlights Key Focus Areas for Cleaning Product Supply Chain
  • 1,4-Dioxane Regulation, Clarity for Topical Antiseptics, New Sustainability Report, Promoting Cleaning is Caring Emphasis on Mental Health Highlighted at ACI Convention

Pushing for more rapid reviews of critical and sustainable new chemistries for the cleaning products industry is one of the top imperatives for the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) in 2024, said Melissa Hockstad, President & CEO, during her ACI Convention “State of the Association” address.

“We have heard loud and clear from our member companies that it’s nearly impossible to get new chemicals – including sustainable materials – through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) review processes,” said Hockstad. “We’re going to work harder than ever with our association allies to address this issue in Congress and at EPA to bring about greater ‘speed-to-market’ for vital cleaning chemistries.”

In late January, a key Senate committee held an oversight hearing on EPA’s implementation of the Toxic Substances Control Act and related delays for approvals of new chemicals. ACI and industry allies had earlier urged Congress to accelerate its review of EPA’s chemicals management policies.

Hockstad also said ACI will work to ensure potential EPA risk management policies on the cleaning chemical byproduct 1,4-Dioxane do not result in overburdensome limitations of critical chemistry processes for the production of surfactants and other cleaning product ingredients.

“We are working hard to provide EPA with needed data including occupational monitoring data and socio-economic impact analysis to inform forthcoming risk management rulemaking in 2025. We are also looking to maintain uniformity across the country with New York’s 1,4-Dioxane regulations while simultaneously working with the EPA on its approaches.”

On the horizon: Work at FDA on Topical Antiseptic Ingredients

ACI will also continue to be a key member of an industry team negotiating with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on its implementation of the Over-The-Counter Monograph Drug User Fee Program (OMUFA).

“Our focus here is to ensure that there is a clear path to ongoing regulatory acceptance of topical antiseptic active ingredients,” said Hockstad. “ACI also wants to develop mechanisms for FDA to be more collaborative when providing feedback on safety and efficacy studies supporting GRASE determinations (Generally Recognized as Safe and Effective) for antiseptic ingredients.”

Other priorities for ACI in the year ahead include:

  • Publication of a new Sustainability Report, which will highlight the advances being made in the expansion of ACI’s Sustainable Feedstocks Initiative and provide case studies focused on companies’ sustainability successes.
  • Recommitting its “Cleaning is Caring” messaging outreach to focus on how regular cleaning habits can contribute to mental and physical health.
  • Publication of a report – based on the findings of an ACI-sponsored workshop – addressing new approach methodologies to assess the potential hazard of respiratory irritation throughout the life cycle of cleaning products.

“Despite a challenging economic environment during the past year, I am optimistic about the strength and resilience of ACI and its member companies,” said Hockstad. “The fact that we experienced record attendance at the 2024 ACI Convention – with more than 1280 attendees – gives me great hope for a more prosperous year throughout the cleaning product supply chain.”

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