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There’s nothing more important than the health and well-being of our friends and family, especially those who can’t always care for themselves. Learn about cleaning product safety.
While we strive for spotless, tidy homes, let’s face it – there are about a million things we’d rather do than clean. We’ve got busy work weeks, and the last thing we want to do on Saturdays is more work. So, to help you out, we compiled a list of ideas to help make your cleaning FUN – and maybe even have you looking forward to it.
Without cleaning products, life as we know it couldn’t exist. Soaps and the other cleaners we use every day prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. We rely on them to thwart the common cold, to sterilize operating rooms, to clean up after disasters, to avert foodborne illnesses, and to keep our homes and clothes looking better and lasting longer.
One of the most important things to remember when dusting is to spray the cleaner onto a cloth or sponge first instead of spraying the furniture directly so that dust doesn’t get airborne. Wipes and other non-spray products also are available. When you dust, start from the highest points in the room and work your way down, so that when the dust falls as you clean, you don’t have to re-dust.
While it’s always recommended to treat clothing stains as quickly as possible, some stains are are just so tough (grass, ink, blood, grease, etc.) that it’s even more important to pre-treat them right away. It’s always best to test a hidden area of the fabric first, in case the fabric is too delicate. Also, if you haven’t already tried enzyme detergents, get one!
Cleaning sofas, tables, and other furnishings helps keep them beautiful and in good shape for years to come.
The workshop series will focus on implementing hands-on science lessons in the classroom using the 5E Instructional Model and CEF’s You Be The Chemist™ Activity Guides.
The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched its 2019 Sustainability Report, which details its new strategy calling on the cleaning products industry to take bolder, collective action to achieve a cleaner world. 
Cleaning supplies are important to have on hand during natural disasters – whether you are staying at home or heading for higher ground.
While we can’t control when natural disasters will affect us, we can take charge of how prepared we are to handle them. Cleaning supplies are important to have on hand during natural disasters – whether you are staying at home or heading for higher ground.