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By choosing your destination wisely and taking some cleanign and disinfecting preparations and precautions, you don’t have to only stay #safeandcleanathome; you can also be safe and clean on the road!
American Cleaning Institute Showcases Manufacturers Increasing Production, Altering Production Lines, Donating to Those in Need A new video produced by the American Cleaning Institute profiles how its member companies throughout the cleaning product supply chain contributed in numerous ways to help
American Cleaning Institute Offers Free Resource to Help Keep Employees, Customers Healthy and Safe Toolkit Available Online at As communities across the nation begin the reopening process stemming from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Amer
Two recent polls from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) find while Americans are using more cleaning products due to COVID-19, the majority do not consistently store cleaning products safely.
Naturally, some of the areas we touch most frequently, are also the ones we need to clean and disinfect regularly. Get our tips on tackling these high-touch spots.
The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) announced a strategic partnership with revolutionary interior design and organization firm The Home Edit as part of the Packets Up! campaign, aiming to educate families on how to create an organized and safe laundry space.
Outcomes of negligible environmental risk mean consumers can feel confident about the safety of these ingredients going down the drain. Results were consistent with assessments by authoritative bodies around the world. Newly published research indicates that an important ingredient used in detergents and cleaning products poses a low ecological risk
Soap, our first line of defense against harmful germs, actually hasn’t changed much in thousands of years. What may surprise you, though, is that a lot of what we call “soap” today isn’t soap at all.
In a LinkedIn post,  ACI President & CEO Melissa Hockstad writes that conversations within the association and with ACI’s member companies will be the catalyst for ongoing, long-term and meaningful actions on justice, equality and an end