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Holiday Cleaning

110817 Holiday Cleaning WebinarWebinar: Holiday Cleaning
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Heloise demonstrates cleaning tips for wine and gravy spills. Click the image to watch this short video.

Help your children remember when to wash their hands...
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The holidays can be a hectic time with visits from family and friends, shopping and cooking special meals. But cleaning doesn't have to add to your stress. The American Cleaning Institute has teamed up with Heloise to provide hints and cleaning advice to keep your holidays sparkling.

Stain Solutions

Guard against Germs

As the holiday shopping frenzy escalates, the germs that cause colds and flu want to get in on the action, too. They're lurking in the crowd, just looking for opportunities to catch you off guard. What's one of the best ways to stay healthy for the holidays? Wash your hands frequently.

Clean Ideas for a Sparkling House and Decorations

  • Holiday Party Dishwashing - dishwashing tips so you can enjoy entertaining your guests without facing an enormous clean up job at the end of the night.
  • Countdown to the Holidays - A Checklist to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays
  • Quick Holiday Spruce-Ups Tips for avoiding a harried holiday season. Get a handle on the holidays with great ideas for keeping dirt and chaos under control.
  • Holiday Party Disasters - Solved! Holiday entertaining is fraught with potential disasters. But a cool head and the right products will keep a mini-crisis from becoming a major problem. Here are some quick and easy remedies.
  • A Brighter Holiday At holiday time, we all dream of a hearth and home that's sparkling clean and guest-ready, 24/7. Before the real world of shopping and socializing intervenes, check out some of these household cleaning tips for the whole family from the American Cleaning Institute.
  • Cleaning Resolutions for the New Year
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