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Future Leaders LogoACI’s Future Leaders represent a broad cross-section of the membership network that spans cleaning product manufacturers to ingredient suppliers.  This dedicated cohort has been identified as emerging leaders within their respective companies and serves as forward-thinking, “agents of change” to advance ACI’s objectives and to support innovation and success for the cleaning products industry.



Ingredient Communications

Purpose: To fill the gap between required ingredient disclosure and consumer understanding by providing standard ingredient function language that is meaningful to consumers. 

By speaking to consumers face to face, listening to their stories and learning about their thoughts, feelings and emotions, we identified their amplified needs and perspectives and pulled out significant insights. So what do consumers really think about product ingredient labeling? 

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Consumer Research

"In a consumer research study (done by ACI’s Future Leaders) looking at the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017, the disclosure of function is an aspect of that whether its online or on label, and this is what consumers had to say:

  • “This promotes a transparency that has not been there before.”
  • “I’d like to see all industries move in this direction.”
  • “I LOVE having the function. I do nothing but explain things to people, using a lot of language people don’t understand. Like, we use this but it’s for that. That would make me buy it even faster.”
  • “I like that they’re willing to go that extra step to explain a little about what each of these ingredients are as far as what that ingredient is used for.”
  • “In general, knowledge is power. I like that they lay it out and they trust the consumers more… Lay it on the line and let me decide for myself.”
  • “As long as the product does not change what it does with the new label, then the information is ‘nice to have’ but not a requirement.” (shows not everyone thinks its mandatory, but would be nice to have)

Survey Stats

2019 Consumer Ingredient Communication Survey


What Cleaning Ingredients Do
  • Developed ‘What Cleaning Ingredients Do,’ a tool that provides language for ingredient functions that are science based and easily understood by consumers, especially those who engage most with ingredient labels.
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Purpose: To gain greater understanding of consumers' perspectives of sustainably positioned, concentrate and refill cleaning products. 

More to come.