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October 29, 2015 10:03 AM

These Stay at Home Dads are NOT Mr. Moms!

Two cool dads at home conferenceLast month, Nancy Bock, Sr. VP of Education of the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) had the opportunity to attend and give a keynote address on keeping children safe in the home at the 20th Annual National At-Home Dad Convention, a two day event which was in Raleigh, NC on September 25. With over 145 stay at home dads attending from all over the United States with diverse backgrounds and child care needs it was an amazing venue to meet with these dads and hear what they had to say about their experiences in caring for their children. To say that the information that Ms. Bock shared was overwhelmingly received and embraced is an understatement. ACI sponsored a luncheon during the conference which provided an opportunity for Ms. Bock to provide a video presentation of the importance of keeping children safe in the home and as well as address liquid laundry packet safety!

No Mr  Mom buttonsAccording to the Pew Research Center survey that was conducted in June, more than 2 million American dads are staying home and taking on the responsibility of being the primary caregivers to children in the home. And the numbers are growing! Make no mistake this was not a meeting of "Mr. Moms." Far from it! Topics as diverse as child car seat safety, to keeping children safe in the home, laundry safety, to how to get your certification for CPR are just a few of the session topics that Dads could attend.

Dads at laundry safety conferenceAs the attendees would tell you children act fast and they know that being vigilant in keeping children safe. ACI’s message struck a chord with these dads who are not only active in taking care of their children, but also maintain a social media presence as well as blog about their experiences in taking care of their children. This Conference was a perfect chance for ACI to work with them to spread the word about not only child safety in the home but also to make them aware of the commitment of the cleaning products industry and resources ACI has in keeping them up-to-date while keeping their children safe! With this growing demographic, ACI recognizes the unique opportunity it has in partnering with these stay at home dads and the importance of working with and helping them keep children safe in the home.

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