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  2015 ACI Survey Finds Many Households Still Improperly Storing Laundry Packets Exposure to liquid laundry packets among young children remains an issue. While ACI’s laundry safety campaign has been making strides to help educate parents and caregivers on how to prevent these accidents, we are still seeing exposures among young children. Proper storage of these liquid laundry packets is essential in preventing accidental exposures. ACI recently conducted a national…
February 8, 2019
Ecolab Across the cleaning product supply chain, companies have increased production, adapted manufacturing lines, donated money and resources, and taken extra measures to protect their employees. Here is one such story from Ecolab. See our full COVID-19 Impact Report for more. Cheryl Littau, Ph.D., Corporate Scientist, and Linda Homan, RN, BSN, CIC, Sr. Manager, Clinical Affairs, are passionate about Ecolab’s hand hygiene compliance monitoring technology. Why? Because when…
September 23, 2020