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Research Studies

Year Title Chemical Class Subject

Uses of Glycerine

Author : SDA


Use of Read-Across of Existing Hazard Data to Fulfill HPV Chemical Program Requirements without the Need for New Animal Testing

Author : Kruszewski, F., P. DeLeo, K. Stanton, R. Sedlak

Animal Alternatives

Using stable isotopes of carbon (13C) and hydrogen (2H) to determine the contribution and fate of detergent fatty alcohols in the environment

Author : Mudge, S.M., P.C. DeLeo and C.V. Eadsforth

Fatty Alcohol

Work Practices for Handling Enzymes in the Detergent Industry

Author : SDA

Enzyme Safety

Hard surface cleaning performance of six alternative cleaners under laboratory conditions

Author : Olson, W., D. Vesley, M. Bode, P. Dubbel and T. Bauer

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Use of Microbial Risk Modeling to Determine the Benefit of Topical Antimicrobial Products

Author : Charles Haas, Jason Marie, Joan Rose, and Charles Gerba


Prioritizing contaminants of emerging concern for ecological screening assessments

Author : Jerome M. Diamond, Henry A. Latimer II, Kelly R. Munkittrick, Kent W.Thornton, Steven M. Bartell, Karen A. Kidd

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Using Fatty Acids in Lubricating Greases

Author : Association of American Soap and Glycerine Producers

Fatty Acids

Wastewater Treatment Plant Study of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate and Alcohol Ethoxylate

Author : SDA

Methods and Methodologies (Environmental)

What contribution do detergent fatty alcohols make to sewage discharges and the marine environment?

Author : Stephen M. Mudge, Wolfram Meier-Augenstein, Charles Eadsforth and Paul DeLeo

Fatty Alcohol