The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

2021 National Cleaning Survey


COVID-19 Cleaning Behavior Findings

Q. What hygiene or cleaning products are you using more now than before the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19?



  Sept. 2020  

  March 2020  

Hand sanitizer  72% 72% 59%
Hand soap  60% 62% 69%
Disinfectant wipes  55% 48% 44%
Spray disinfectant  42% 40% 36%
Multi-purpose cleaner  35% - -
Toilet or bathroom cleaner  27% 30% 23%
Bleach  22% 23% 19%
None of these products  11% 10% 12%

Q. Since the pandemic, how do you view cleaning, disinfecting and proper hygiene?

70% As a way to ensure the health and safety of me and/or my family
57% As an act of caring for myself and others
30% As a chore
21% As an outlet to relieve stress, anxiety
6% None of the above

Q. Once the pandemic has passed, how likely are you to continue to maintain the same level of cleaning practices and protocols you adopted since March 2020?

43% Very likely
42% Somewhat likely
8% Not very likely
2% Not likely at all
5% No opinion/not sure
85% Net – Very likely & Somewhat likely
10% Net – Not very likely & Not likely

Q. Of all the pandemic related behaviors, which ones will you continue in the future?

76% Frequently washing hands with soap and water
57% Using hand sanitizer frequently
50% Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces
39% Wearing a mask
37% Staying socially distanced
1% Other
9% Will not continue with any behaviors

Q. Why do you plan to continue these pandemic related behaviors?

73% For my health and wellness
62% For health and wellness of others
40% It is part of my everyday routine
20% I don’t feel comfortable in close quarters with others
1% Other


Spring Cleaning Findings

Q. How often, if ever, do you or someone in your household engage in spring cleaning?

69% Every year
11% Every other year
6% Every few years
4% Less often than every few years
10% I never spring clean 

Q. What is your primary reason for spring cleaning?

60% To give my house the thorough cleaning it needs (among Millennials 49%)
22% To remove clutter (among Millennials 27%)
10% To remove asthma or allergy triggers (among Millennials 12%)
7% To prevent the spread of illness (among Millennials 12%)

Q. Have you found yourself cleaning and organizing more than usual throughout the year due to COVID-19?

55% Yes
18% No
27% My cleaning and organization routine has not changed

Q. How will the COVID-19 pandemic change your spring cleaning and organizing?

37% I have more cleaning knowledge now than before the pandemic
7% I have less cleaning and organization projects than usual
5% I am too overwhelmed with ongoing cleaning to tackle spring cleaning projects
50% I have no changes to my cleaning and organizing routine

Q. Which of the following spaces is your biggest priority when you spring clean? 

26% Kitchen
19% Bathroom(s)
19% Closet(s)
18% Bedroom(s)
13% Family room
5% Other

Q. Do you anticipate cleaning and organizing more or less this year as part of your spring cleaning?

54% The same as in previous years
37% More than usual
8% Less than usual


Consumer Confidence Behavior Findings

Q. How confident are you in the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning products and fabric care products that you use on a daily/weekly basis?

41% Very confident
51% Somewhat confident
3% Not very confident
1% Not at all confident
4% No opinion/not sure

Q. Since the start of the pandemic, do you feel your knowledge around cleaning has ...

20% Increased a lot
26% Increased somewhat
26% Increased a little
27% Maintained the same

Q. Since COVID, how have your reasons for cleaning changed?

Mental health and wellness
35% Has always been a top reason to clean
42% Became more important in the past year
23% Not a top reason to clean

42% Has always been a top reason to clean
35% Became more important in the past year
23% Not a top reason to clean

Disinfecting/Killing germs
46% Has always been a top reason to clean
47% Became more important in the past year
8% Not a top reason to clean

Having guests over
52% Has always been a top reason to clean
23% Became more important in the past year
25% Not a top reason to clean

Q. If you're looking for information you trust related to household cleaning products, where do you typically go to find it?

39% General online search (e.g. Google)
37% Product label
36% Product reviews
32% Family/friends
20% Manufacturer's website
13% Product advertisements
13% Third party websites (e.g. ConsumersUnion, Environmental Working Group Skin Deep website/app)
12% Social media (e.g. Facebook, Reddit)
9% SmartLabel (app showing product/ingredient information)
5% Blogs
1% Somewhere else
16% Do not seek information about cleaning products


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The survey results listed here are the findings from an Ipsos poll conducted February 16 - 17, 2021 on behalf of the American Cleaning Institute. For the survey, a sample of 1,005 adults ages 18 and over from the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii was interviewed online in English. The poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.