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New Report Details the Cleaning Products Industry’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Impact Report Cover

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) released a new report, Rising to an Unprecedented Challenge: The cleaning products industry’s response to COVID-19, which outlines the actions industry leaders have taken in response to the increased demand for cleaning and hand hygiene products and the urgent need to reduce the spread of the virus in hospitals, public transit systems and other public spaces.

In addition to a rapid and massive increase in production output, the industry and supply chain has continued to prioritize giving back to communities. The collective response has included:

  • In-kind donations valuing $709 million to hospitals, nursing homes, food banks, childcare facilities, nonprofits and other organizations worldwide
  • Donation of 10 million units of products and personal protective equipment
  • A 23 percent average increase in production volume by manufacturers of cleaning and sanitizing products
  • Additional capacity within the supply chain to support production of over 427,000 gallons of hand sanitizer globally

“From the frontlines of healthcare to our homes and home offices, hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting products have been an indispensable ally in the fight against COVID-19," said ACI President & CEO, Melissa Hockstad. “The global pandemic has had a devasting effect on communities, business, and individuals across the U.S. ACI believes we must learn from this and not simply return to business as usual but use this moment to move closer to a sustainable future.”

This belief underpins ACI’s sustainability strategy, Uniting for a Cleaner World, which demonstrates our commitment to bringing companies together to cultivate a safer, cleaner and healthier society for all of us.

ACI will be discussing the new report, as well as the findings of a new consumer survey on changing cleaning habits in a COVID-19 reality, at ACI’s first-ever cleaning summit, in partnership with Good Housekeeping, Discover Cleaning: Inside & Out on October 14, 2020. The summit is free and will take place virtually. RSVP by clicking here.

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To learn more about the industry’s sustainability efforts, read ACI’s 2019 Sustainability Report.

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