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ACI Laundry Safety initiative: PACKETS UP!

ACI is raising awareness of safe product use during National Poison Prevention Week (March 18-24) with reminders and free easy-to-stick clings for the laundry room.

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Video Replay – 2018 ACI Convention

See what happened at the 2018 ACI Convention, the cleaning product industry’s top business event, in a video produced by Happi.

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ACI: Manufacturers Take Steps to Manage Emissions from Cleaning Products

In response to a widely-reported study, ACI said that laundry and dishwashing products have a minimal impact overall through the selection of ingredients that biodegrade during wastewater treatment. Click above for more details.

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ACI Convention

Thank you for joining us for the 2018 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention. Click above for the Convention News.

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Safety Poster: Laundry Packets Are for Cleaning Clothes, Not Playing

Download ACI’s new safety poster, reminding everyone laundry packets are for cleaning clothes, not for playing or pranks. Click above for details.


Check Out Exploration Clean: Teaching the Chemistry Behind Cleaning

ACI launched “Exploration Clean”, an online experience aimed at teaching middle-school students the science and chemistry behind cleaning. Click above for more details.

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