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Aaliyah Francis' winning poster (K-2nd grade)

Winners of 2015 National Poison Prevention Week Poster Contest Announced

Drawings from Alabama, Florida and Virgin Islands students were recognized as the winners of the 2015 National Poison Prevention Week poster contest. Click the image above for more details.


Analysis on Antibacterial Ingredient Safety Misses the Mark on Accuracy

ACI says that analysis of research showing trace elements of antibacterial ingredients in pregnant women and fetuses is distorting the safety profile of the materials, which have been extensively researched and reviewed for decades. Click above for more details.

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KEY Pledge Campaign Honored by Association Community

ACI’s KEY Pledge laundry safety campaign won a 2014 ASAE “Power of A” Silver Award. Click the image above for more details.

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Research Highlights 50 Years of Detergent Ingredient Safety

A comprehensive scientific review article highlights five decades’ of research on the environmental safety of surfactants. Click the image above for details.

Poison Prevention Week Video Still

Laundry Packet Hazards. Are your children safe?

Keep Children Safe! You can prevent laundry packet accidents. Laundry packets contain highly concentrated laundry detergent and can pose serious harm if children are given access. Always store laundry packets out of reach and sight and keep them in their original container/pouch. Click the image to watch our new video.

Priority laundry safety web

Join ACI and NAHN in their mission to prevent laundry packet accidents!

ACI is proud to partner with NAHN to further educate parents and caregivers on ways to keep children safe from laundry packet accidents.These packets contain highly concentrated detergent and should always be stored out of reach and sight of young children. Join us in preventing laundry packet accidents by taking the KEY Pledge today!

10 Sep
CCSPA Annual Conference 2014

The Cleaning Product Industry is preparing for the Implementation of the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification & Labelling of Chemicals for the Workplace – across North America - and CCSPA is offering ACI members the opportunity to attend our GHS Workshop - at the CCSPA member rate of $600.

14 Sep
SETAC Asia Pacific and Australasian 2014

SETAC Asia Pacific and Australasian 2014 Conference

14–17 September 2014 | Adelaide, Australia

Save the date.

15 Sep
2014 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Annual Session & Exhibits

ACI will present the 2014 "Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award" Program Award in Lexington, KY.