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“Must-Attend” Event for the Cleaning Products Industry

Register now for the 2016 ACI Convention & 90th Anniversary Celebration to be held January 25-30 at Grande Lakes Orlando. There will be outstanding networking opportunities, speaker sessions, charity events and a gala reception. Is your company ready to do business? Click image above to register at the early-bird rate.

ACI Sustainability Report

ACI Unveils 2015 Sustainability Report

ACI’s latest Sustainability Report features a first-ever critical issues assessment for the cleaning products industry and tracks progress toward sustainable development. Click above for more details.

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DID YOU KNOW: So far in 2015, poison centers received reports of over 10,000 exposures to liquid laundry packets by children 5 and younger. Keep your family safe by always storing liquid laundry packets up and out of reach of children. Join the 65,000 consumers who have pledged to practice a safe laundry routine and take our KEY Pledge today.

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View recording of "Get to Know ACI" Webinar

On Nov. 12 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET, the Education Team shared information about ACI's education programs and free resources.To learn more, click the image above.

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ACI Urges FDA to Preserve Critical Healthcare Antibacterial Products

ACI urged the FDA to re-evaluate all data relevant to the safety and efficacy of antibacterial health care ingredients and make affirmative findings that they are generally recognized as safe and effective. Click above for more details.

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Survey Finds Many Households Still Improperly Storing Liquid Laundry Packets

An ACI survey finds many household store liquid laundry packets in-sight and in-reach of children. Click above to learn about practicing safe laundry habits at home.

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Keeping Children Safe and Healthy

New posters give child care providers critical information on properly using cleaning products in their facilities. Click above for more details.

06 Dec
2015 National Handwashing Awareness Week

Work together to decrease the spread of infectious diseases!

25 Jan
ACI 2016 Convention and 90th Anniversary Celebration

Registration is open for the 2016 ACI Convention & 90th Anniversary Celebration at Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida for high-level business interaction and networking with some of the most influential companies in the world.

18 Sep
2016 International Clean Hands Week

Celebrate the benefits of cleanliness and handwashing!