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Q. When you first moved to college, how prepared were you for cleaning on your own? 28% said completely prepared 35% said very prepared 28% said somewhat prepared 6% said not very prepared 3% said not at all prepared Q. Which of the following, if any, are preventing you from keeping your dorm or room clean?
Appliance Maintenance Q. How familiar, if at all, are you with the manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your home appliances, such as your refrigerator, HVAC, or washer & dryer?
Q. How likely are you, if at all, to do the following while gathering with friends and family during the holiday season? 89% will frequently wash their hands with soap and water 79% will use hand sanitizer 69% will disinfect frequently touched surfaces 53% will socially distance
Roles and Responsibilities of Cleaning At Home Q. If you have any cleaning disputes in your household, what are they about? 30% Messy spaces 23% Dishes 21% Frequency of cleaning 19% Thoroughness of cleaning 12% Laundry 1% Other 30% I don’t have disputes regarding cleaning in my home
Q. Of all the pandemic related behaviors, which ones will you continue in the future? 76% Frequently washing hands with soap and water 57% Using hand sanitizer frequently 50% Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces 39% Wearing a mask 37% Staying socially distanced 21% Other 9% Will not continue with any behaviors
COVID-19 Cleaning Behavior Findings Q. What hygiene or cleaning products are you using more now than before the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19?     Total     (N=1,005)     Sept. 2020     (N=1,005)  
Read Press Release Q. How often, if ever, do you or someone in your household engage in spring cleaning?
Read Press Release Q. Which of the following cleaning tasks do you enjoy doing the most? (Top Ranked Response)
Read Press Release Q. How often, if ever, do you or someone in your household engage in spring cleaning?