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Cleaning For Well-Being Q. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Having a clean home helps me feel my best, both mentally and physically?
Q. Thinking about your college kid(s), how prepared do you feel they are to clean their own space? - 26% said completely prepared - 38% said very prepared - 29% said somewhat prepared - 5% said not very prepared - 2% said not at all prepared
Q. What areas in the home do or did you prioritize when babyproofing?
Social media landscape audit of liquid laundry packets from 2019 – 2022: There have been over 3.2M mentions related to liquid laundry packets. Of the 3.2M mentions, 798.7k posts about liquid laundry packets mentioned un-safe storage practices 465.5k of posts included images of un-safe storage practices Only 63.5k (8%) posts made the connec
Q. When it comes to storing your cleaning products, please rank the following in order of importance, with the option that you place at the top being the most important. Of all participants in 2023 who use liquid laundry packets
Sustainability Q. Approximately what percentage of the time that you do laundry do you use cold, warm, and hot water? Please consider the temperature used for the main wash cycle?
Q. When you first moved to college, how prepared were you for cleaning on your own? 28% said completely prepared 35% said very prepared 28% said somewhat prepared 6% said not very prepared 3% said not at all prepared Q. Which of the following, if any, are preventing you from keeping your dorm or room clean?
Handwashing Q. How important, if at all, do you find frequent handwashing when it comes to preventing the spread of illness in your home? 66% said very important 27% said somewhat important 6% said not very important 1% said not at all important93% Important (net) 7% Not important (net)
Q. How likely are you, if at all, to do the following while gathering with friends and family during the holiday season? 89% will frequently wash their hands with soap and water 79% will use hand sanitizer 69% will disinfect frequently touched surfaces 53% will socially distance
Roles and Responsibilities of Cleaning At Home Q. If you have any cleaning disputes in your household, what are they about? 30% Messy spaces 23% Dishes 21% Frequency of cleaning 19% Thoroughness of cleaning 12% Laundry 1% Other 30% I don’t have disputes regarding cleaning in my home