The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Ingredient Translator


The Ingredient Naming Translator was generated in order to clarify the various naming conventions that can apply to a single cleaning product ingredient, so that any user of a cleaning product can access information about the ingredient they are interested in. 

Please note that the Translator was developed as a comprehensive cross reference of ingredient names encountered during the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative. As such, the same ingredient name may appear multiple times in the list below because they could be associated with multiple naming conventions or CAS Registry Numbers.

About the Translator

During Task 1 (compilation of the Ingredient Inventory), it was found that many ingredients are used in more than one product, so many of the 13,000 entries that formed the initial list were repeats of the same ingredient name. Some of the same ingredients are listed by different manufacturers using different names, while other ingredients are listed by a general name that could describe more than one unique chemical. Therefore, the list of ingredients was consolidated and differences in naming resolved, producing a reduced Task 1 Ingredient Inventory List. Each listed ingredient was reviewed and one or more common names were assigned using naming conventions from trade literature and chemical nomenclature. To create the Ingredient Naming Translator, all of these multiple names that could refer to an ingredient listed on a cleaning product package were compiled into a single searchable database that can be accessed on this page. Below is a search box where the listed ingredient found on a cleaning product can be entered. Either the full ingredient name or a partial ingredient name may be entered. A partial entry will return any results that include what is entered in the search box. The results for a full or partial entry will be displayed as a table that includes the following:

  1.     The listed name for the ingredient (as it appears on the cleaning product package);
  2.     All standard ingredient names that refer to the listed ingredient; and
  3.     The CAS registry number assigned to each resulting ingredient name.Ingredient names that are not associated with a specific CAS Registry Number are included with "NOCAS" and a unique tracking number in the list.