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The American Cleaning Institute suggests these tips for more sustainable and better living:

Simply Sustainable

Avoid Wasting Product:
  • Read labels and use the recommended amount of cleaning product.
  • Use cleaning products until they are finished, to reduce unnecessary waste.
Reduce Water and Energy Used:
  • Turn off the water tap between tasks.
  • When doing your laundry or running the dish washer, wash full loads.
  • Choose a lower water temperature when possible.
Be Mindful of the Environment:
  • Try concentrated refills to reduce environmental impact.
  • And, when the container is empty, recycle cleaning product containers.

Simply Sustainabile Room by Room Tips

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Going Beyond Green

Even a slight change in your laundry routine can impact the environment. By taking simple steps to save energy and conserve water, you can GO BEYOND GREEN®.

Going beyond green is about more than choosing a green product. It’s about proper use, dosage and recycling. Follow these simple tips:

  • Use only the recommended amount of detergent, bleach and fabric softener. Follow garment care instructions to select the right water temperature, selecting a lower temperature when possible.
  • Spin at the highest recommended speed for the fabric, according to care instructions, to remove water.
  • Pay attention to water levels and select the right amount of water for each load of laundry. Avoid over-filling your washing machine to save water and energy.
  • Concentrated laundry products save packaging and transportation energy costs. Do your part by disposing empty laundry product containers at your local recycling facility.
  • To conserve energy and save money, consider using a clothesline to dry your laundry outdoors, instead of using your gas or electric dryer.

Going Beyond Green Tips


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