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Preparing Kids for College Cleaning

dorm room

Ever notice how one sick friend or roommate can quickly affect to the entire dorm? Keeping the dorm room clean probably isn’t the latest topic being tweeted. But keeping dorm rooms clean can help keep students healthy and doing the things that they enjoy like football games, hanging out, partying and finding some time to study!

Before your son or daughter goes off to college, equip them with the necessary supplies and understanding about the role that they can play in germ control.

  • Help your kids understand that if your shower is now black or all the kids in your dorm have athletes’ feet, it’s past time to clean and disinfect. Once clean, they can keep it clean by spraying the shower walls while damp and wiping them after each use.
  • Students should clean their floor daily with a broom, wet mop, dust mop or microfiber mop to keep the hair, dust and crumbs (and bugs) under control.
  • Students should wipe out the microwave and refrigerator immediately if there is a spill.
  • They should wash dishes (cups and silverware too) after eating.
  • Dirt, oil or germs from hands can mark up cell phones and laptop or tablet screens. Students should wipe them at least daily with and wash their hands before using to minimize the grime.
  • Students can help prevent the spread of MRSA at school by using a clean towel between their skin and the exercise equipment and wiping down the equipment they touch with a disinfectant wipe. 
  • You teach your kids to share, but when it comes to razors, sports gear, underwear, and other personal items, it’s better for your student’s health to be selfish.
  • Students should also get personal with the laundry room. Cleaning their sheets and clothes regularly will also keep them healthy.
Class of Clean
Class of Clean

This toolkit arms college students with an arsenal of highly visual and informative resources, addressing everything from the basics of cleaning and laundry to dividing cleaning responsibilities in shared living spaces.