The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Dishwasher Mistake


Most of us have done it. We grab the dish liquid instead of the dishwasher detergent and have found ourselves with more suds that we bargained for. The American Cleaning Institute recommends these dishwashing clean-up steps:

  1. If you catch this mistake before running the dishwasher, remove the dish liquid from the dispenser by wiping it out with a dry paper towel. You may need to follow up with a damp towel to remove any excess soap residue.
  2. If you have run the dishwasher and now have lots of suds, the American Cleaning Institute advises you to remove the dishes and rinse them with clear water. Scoop out suds remaining in the dishwasher with a bowl and splash clear cool water on the interior surfaces to help rinse any remaining suds to the bottom where you can scoop them out.
  3. You may want to run an empty rinse cycle before running the next regular load in your dishwasher.
  4. If the suds have spilled out of the dishwasher and onto the floor, use a large bath towel to smother them to reduce volume and make the clean-up easier.