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Create an Allergen-Control Plan

Allergen Control Plan1. Work with your Doctor

Work with your regular doctor or clinic to figure out which allergens affect your child or you the most

If asthma flares happen a lot, you may need to see a doctor. He or she may suggest that you make changes in your household furnishings - like removing carpeting from a sleeping area

2. Concentrate on contorlling those allergens

3. Start with the easiest, least expensive ways, like cleaning

Set up your cleaning plan one room at a time, beginning with wher the allergy-sufferer sleeps. For example:

  • wash bedding and curtains
  • dust and vacuum
  • clean window sills and frames
  • wet mop floors


  • Ask your doctor or clinic for asthma education information.
  • Join an asthma support group.
  • Keep an asthma diary.

The American Cleaning Institute offers suggestions for cleaning places where allergens grow or collect like your bedroom, living areas, bathrook and kitchen. Clean as often as possible — do the best you can.


Cleaning To Control Asthma: Basics

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