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Cleaning Matters MayJune 2013

  May/June 2013
Cleaning Matters
Laundry JUNE IS HOME SAFETY MONTH! It’s the perfect time to stop and think about your laundry routine to make sure you’re practicing safe laundry habits. If single-load liquid laundry packets are your go-to, always keep them safely away from children, out of reach or locked in cabinets and drawers. Check out more safety tips.
Surfaces IN HONOR OF NATIONAL PET WEEK (May 5 – May 11) we offer eight tips for keeping your dog or cat’s home sparkling. And by their home, we mean the house that you live in. After all, we know that pets are the true masters and they are just kind enough to let us live there.
Handwashing AH, SUMMERTIME! Days at the beach, hikes through national parks, picnics and barbecues. It all sounds glorious, but how do you get hands clean before dining or snacking in the great outdoors? Read these tips about washing hands without soap and water before heading out on your next excursion.
Dishes MAKE EVERY DAY MOTHER'S DAY! Great ideas for getting the kids to clean up after dinner – not just one Sunday a year, but all the time. What better gift to give the woman who nourishes her family inside and out every day, than a chance to sit down at the end of a good meal?
Sustainability WHAT DO high schools, horror movies and handwashing have in common? They all came together in a teen-led campaign to make students aware of the importance of good hand hygiene. Read about the students who earned the "Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP" National Award and watch their video!
Ask Nancy I try to keep my home clean while raising toddlers, but it’s not easy. They’re into everything! How can I keep my house clean and safe at the same time? Click here to find out.
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