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Cell Phone Cleaning

Mom kids cell phoneYou use your cell phone every day. It goes from your pocket or purse to your face. You hand it to your kid to play a game, take it into the bathroom with you and leave it by your bed at night. And everywhere your phone goes, germs follow. In fact, a recent study, 82% of cell phones tested had bacteria contamination and 16% (that’s 1 in 6) had E. coli (fecal in origin). Ewww!

Fortunately, you can reduce the number of germs on your cell phone. The American Cleaning Institute offers these simple tips for keeping your phone clean:

  • Before you begin, check the owner's manual for any cleaning instructions specific to your device.
  • Dirt, oil or germs from hands can mark up cell phones. Wipe the screen at least daily with a microfiber cloth.
  • The fancy case you added to your phone can trap dirt and grime along the edges. Take the cover off weekly. Use a disinfecting wipe on the case, both inside and out. Let it dry completely before putting the case back on.
  • Keep the keys from sticking (pun intended) and extend the life of your electronics by keeping your cell phones away from food and drinks.
  • Wash your hands before using your phone to wash away germs and minimize the grime.

* 2011 Study: Contamination of mobile phones and hands

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