The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

2012 Spring Cleaning Survey Finding


The following question was asked of 1,000 adults (447 men and 553 women). The independent consumer research study was completed online by Echo Research February 29-March 4, 2012, on behalf of the American Cleaning Institute (ACI). The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

How often, if at all, do you or someone in your household engage in spring cleaning?

  • Every year (62%)
  • Every other year (8%)
  • Every few years (7%)
  • Less often than every few years (4%)
  • I never spring clean (15%)

The following online questions were asked of 798 adults (348 men and 450 women) who said they engage in spring cleaning every year. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

Spring cleaning is a tradition worth keeping.

  • Strongly/somewhat agree (73%)

As the weather gets warmer, I feel the urge to spring clean my home.

  • Strongly/somewhat agree (72%)

If it wasn’t for spring cleaning, I would probably never clean my home.

  • Strongly/somewhat agree (men 18%, women 8%)

Hearing about spring cleaning reminds me to clean my home.

  • Strongly/somewhat agree (55%)

How likely are you or someone in your household to spring clean this year?

  • Very/somewhat likely (89%)

Which of the following items, if any, do you pay special attention to when spring cleaning?

  • Windows (72%)
  • Blinds/curtains (67%)
  • Ceiling fans (65%)
  • Carpets (65%)
  • Clothing, closets and drawers (63%)
  • Desks or other home office spaces (51%)
  • Bed linens (48%)
  • Hardwood or tile floors (46%)
  • Upholstered furniture (43%)
  • Trash cans (40%)
  • Other (3%)

Which of the following rooms, if any, do you prioritize when spring cleaning?

  • Kitchen (74%)
  • Bedroom (73%)
  • Bathrooms (71%)
  • Family room/den (56%)
  • Dining room (39%)
  • Home office (25%)
  • Kids play room (16%)

Which of the following best describes your spring cleaning habits?

  • I spend a little more time cleaning my home in the spring (34%)
  • I use spring cleaning to clean my home from head-to-toe (29%)
  • I clean my home head-to-toe several times a year, but not necessarily in the spring (19%)
  • I regularly clean my home, so I don’t spring clean (13%)

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