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Mid-Year 2021: ACI Making “Critical Connections” With Regulators on Priority Industry Issues

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  • CEO Melissa Hockstad: Meetings, Outreach with EPA, FDA, CPSC, CDC Highlight Busy First Half of 2021
  • Also Highlighted in “State of the Association” Address: Laying the Groundwork for Support of a Federal Ingredient Communication Policy

Throughout 2021, the American Cleaning Institute has focused significantly on enhancing “critical” regulatory connections with new federal agency leadership to ensure ACI is out in front on priority policy issues impacting the cleaning product supply chain.

ACI reached out on President Biden’s first day in office “to connect with him on our industry’s top priorities,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO, in her State of the Association address at ACI’s Mid-Year Meeting.

“We know that cleaning is critical and there continues to be a high need and demand for our products and our industry,” said Hockstad.

So far this year, ACI has met with and reached out to top officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on a myriad of topics important to cleaning product manufacturers and chemical producers.

ACI met virtually with EPA leaders to discuss the availability of disinfectants and their chemistries, the status of TSCA risk evaluations and to indicate ACI’s strong support of the Safer Choice Program.

Following the issuance of updated CDC guidance on how to clean and disinfect surfaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in April, “ACI met with both CDC and EPA leadership to share concerns, raise important questions and offer our willingness to be a resource for the agencies as they work on other updates to cleaning and disinfecting guidelines,” said Hockstad.

ACI has also stepped up its engagement and connection with FDA, urging them to withdraw their temporary guidance on hand sanitizer manufacturing, issued during the early stages of COVID-19 to address product shortages. “The hand sanitizer product supply has stabilized to meet demand, and the market has now become oversaturated with hand sanitizers manufactured under FDA’s temporary policy that are leading to quality and safety concerns. This has to be addressed.”

ACI met with CPSC officials, including Acting Chairman Robert Adler, to discuss industry’s support for renewal of a voluntary safety standard for liquid laundry detergent packets and highlight ACI’s Packets Up! program, which promotes safety messages to parents and caregivers.

ACI continues its long-standing working relationship with CDC through the Healthy Schools, Healthy People program, focused on promoting handwashing and cleaning practices for the school community at-large, which will have a new website launch in the coming weeks.

Hockstad also noted that ACI is “engaged in the halls of Congress to advocate on our number one policy issue, the need for a federal ingredient communication policy.”

“A growing patchwork of disparate state policies is overly burdensome for our members and can lead to consumer confusion in the marketplace. That is why we are laying the groundwork so policymakers can understand the necessity for a federal policy governing the marketplace.”

Among the other priorities Hockstad outlined for the year ahead:

  • Enhancing and showcasing the state of the science on cleaning product safety and efficacy
  • Driving impactful sustainability action
  • Maximizing business growth
  • Enhancing public confidence and trust in cleaning products through continuous, effective communications and outreach initiatives

Watch the State of the Association address here:

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