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ACI Announces 2016 Award Recipient


ACI Announces the "Home Safety: When Safety Comes First, You Last" Program, the 2016 Recipient of the Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award

Award Recipients

Congratulations to team lead, Rachel Hubbard, and team members, Sylvia DavisMitzi ParkerSuzanne WilliamsRoxie PriceKayla Craft and Andrea Scarrow, all educators from Georgia with Southwest District FACS Agents, who are being honored for their "Home Safety: When Safety Comes First, You Last" program. The team’s program was designed to educate audiences about potential dangers in the home.

2016 NEAFCS Awards Ceremony

The educational program included:

  • An engaging presentation on home safety
  • Hands-on activities with program attendees
  • Distribution of educational home safety pamphlets from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and the University of Georgia

About the award

Each year the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) honors the recipient(s) of the Clean and Healthy Families & Communities Award at the NEAFCS Annual Session. The award recognizes the innovative educational programs and outreach efforts that help families and individuals understand the link between clean homes and good health. The programs must utilize ACI’s educational materials such as the laundry safety postcard and safe laundry practices poster, demonstrate innovative outreach efforts that impact the local community, and raise awareness of safe and effective uses of cleaning products in the home or community.

The recipients of the award receive a $500 scholarship to attend the annual NEAFCS Annual Session and inclusion in Cleaning Matters®, ACI’s bimonthly newsletter that reaches more than 7,000 educators and members of the press. Each team recipient receives a tabletop crystal award.

Get involved

Getting involved is simple! NEAFCS selects the award recipient(s) each year, so be sure to keep us updated on what you’re doing in your own communities to educate the public about cleaning and good hygiene.

Home safety is important!
ACI has a range of materials online that can be used to educate the public on keeping a safe home and laundry room. Here are a few ways you could get involved and potentially submit a program of your own next year:

  1. Educational Activity Sheet: Share ACI’s interactive coloring sheet for children, which highlights the "do’s" and "don’t s" of what to play with in the home.
  2. Campaign Poster: Display ACI’s poster, a visual of key prevention messaging that can be displayed in locations frequented by parents/caregivers such as pediatricians offices or day care centers.
  3. PSA Video: Watch ACI’s short animated video that can easily be shared via social media.
  4. Social Media: Follow and share ACI’s educational messages on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Take the Pledge to a safe laundry room and routine. You’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a $2,500 gift card*.

Tell us what you’re doing in your community!
Email and share the great work you’re doing in your community, or visit for additional information and laundry safety tips and assets.

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