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Cleaning Product Ingredient Transparency Gets a Hearing on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill
  • American Cleaning Institute Praises Draft Proposal on Cleaning Product Ingredient Transparency
  • Proposal Would Create National Standard for Cleaning Product Ingredient Labeling On-Pack and Online
  • ACI: “Consumers Have a Right to Know, Understand and Trust” What’s in their Products

The House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Innovation, Data, and Commerce is discussing a legislative proposal that would establish – for the first time – a federal standard for ingredient communication in cleaning products. This historic move is strongly supported by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), the trade association for the cleaning product supply chain.

Building on this momentum, ACI said the proposal would “empower consumers as they seek additional information about the cleaning products they buy.”

“This is a pro-consumer proposal that provides clarity on how cleaning product manufacturers inform consumers about the ingredients in their products on-package, online or in-app,” said Douglas Troutman, ACI General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, in written comments submitted to the subcommittee.

Troutman noted that the proposed language would both build upon and strengthen California’s Cleaning Product Right to Know law, which was enacted in 2017 and currently is the strongest existing mandate for ingredient disclosure and labeling.

“Action to establish an ingredient labeling standard for cleaning products is long overdue to ensure consumer transparency. Consumers have a right to know, understand and trust what ingredients are in the cleaning products they use and keep in their homes.”

Cleaning product manufacturers are providing more information than ever before about what’s in their products, through company and brand websites and apps like SmartLabel®.

The American Cleaning Institute has an array of online information describing cleaning product ingredient functions, including its Cleaning Chemistry Catalog (C3), which you can access at

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