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ACI, TSC Launch Redesigned “Cold Water Saves” Website

Cold Water Saves Logo

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched a redesigned website for the Cold Water Saves initiative, a joint effort of ACI and The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) to promote the power of cold water washing.

Originally launched in 2016, Cold Water Saves aims at increasing the number of laundry loads that are done on cold as compared to hot, since 90% of the energy used to wash clothes goes to heating the water. With today’s laundry technologies, both in detergents and machines, we can get clothes just as clean washing on cold, saving you money, making your clothes last longer, and reducing the amount of CO2 released to the environment.

The new site offers resources about the advantages of cold water washing and the sustainable ways we can launder our clothes. The site also features new content, facts, videos and stories.

“ACI’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the redesigned Cold Water Saves site,” said Nathan Sell, ACI Senior Director, Sustainability. “We want consumers to understand the benefits that come with washing in cold. Benefits they’ll see in their clothes and feel in their wallet, while knowing they’re making a difference for the planet.”

Among the “cold hard facts” showcased on the Cold Water Saves website:

  • Save $200+ every year when you switch from warm and hot water washing to cold
  • About 90% of the energy the washing machine uses goes towards heating the water
  • Washing in cold water helps slow fading in colors, reduce shrinking in fabrics and protect delicates

Learn more at Spread the word by sharing the hashtag #ColdWaterSaves

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About The Sustainability Consortium:
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