The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Member Benefits


Engagement with ACI offers you:

  • High-Level Business Interaction and Networking

    • ACI’s Annual Convention is the Industry’s Most Effective and Efficient Forum for Sales, Marketing, and Business Planning
  • Year-Round Focus on Protecting Your Right to Formulate, Innovate and Compete in Today’s Global Marketplace

    • ACI’s Advocacy Protects Your Intellectual Property, Product Category Reputation, and Ability to Bring Products to Market
  • A Seat at the Table to Address Your Priority Issues

    • ACI’s Expert Committees Give You Year-Round Opportunities to Learn, Stay Informed, and Grow Your Business
  • Opportunities to Showcase Your Company’s Efforts on Sustainability

    • ACI’s External Outreach Puts the Spotlight on the Contributions of the Cleaning Products Industry
  • Up-to-Date Industry Information, Outreach and Analysis

    • ACI Provides You With Real-Time Updates on the Issues that Matter to Your Company
  • Unparalleled Forums and Partnerships to Reach Consumers and Thought Leaders

    • ACI’s Valued Alliances Can Open Doors for Your Company Across the U.S. and Around the Globe