The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

2017 ACI Annual Meeting & Industry Convention


2017 ACI Convention Recap

The American Cleaning Institute’s 2017 Convention was the place to be for anyone in the cleaning products industry. The event gathered more than 960 attendees from 180 companies from 28 countries. This annual event continued its tradition of providing great opportunities to network, attend business-to-business meetings and learn about new trends and developments in the industry.

Speaker Sessions

2017 Convention Consumer PanelThe Consumer Panel Presentation "Beyond the Surface: Consumers Decode the Nooks, Crannies and Crevices of Cleaning" was sponsored by Takasago International Corporation (USA) and moderated by Janis Gaudelli. This informative panel provided attendees the opportunity to learn directly from consumers what cleaning products they purchase and what their best practices are for using them. The panel was well received and provided valuable insight to attendees.

2017 Convention Speaker, Jeff SkilesU.S. Airways Flight 1549 Co-Pilot Jeff Skiles of "The Miracle on the Hudson" provided an inspiring recount of the fateful experience he shared on a bitterly cold day in January 2009 with Pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. The Airbus A320 suffered complete engine loss after encountering a flock of geese, which forced a landing in the Hudson River with 150 people and five crewmembers onboard. Mr. Skiles’ captivating retelling of the event enthralled attendees. One of the key messages that Mr. Skiles shared was the importance of being able to remain calm when faced with a crisis thereby effectively managing the best outcome.

ACI speaker sessions included Global Updates providing insight from Browyn Capanna (Australia), Shannon Coombs (Canada), Susanne Zanker (Europe), Sanjay Trivedi (India), Tsutomu Katagiri (Japan) and Carlos Berzunza (Mexico).

2017 Convention Innovation PanelA Legal Committee Panel Presentation provided attendees to learn about mergers, acquisitions and the role of the in-house counsel. The presentation was provided by Brian J. Del Buono of The Sun Products Corporation.

For the second year, ACI provided the Innovation & New Technologies Showcase during its Annual Meeting, giving ACI member companies a chance to highlight new products, ingredients, technologies and packaging innovations. The member company’s presentations are available on the ACI Members Only Website from the following individuals: Thom Stephens (AkzoNobel Chemicals LLC); Joseph Lupia (BASF Corporation); Robert Nolles