The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Ask ACI: Tree Sap Cleaning


Q: We had a real tree for Christmas but now I am finding tree sap everywhere! What is the best way to clean mittens, coats and my carpet? 

A: Rubbing alcohol can remove sap from washable clothing, knit gloves, and rugs, because it acts as a solvent.

For clothes, even a down coat, saturate the area with alcohol, let sit for a minute, then launder in warm water with regular detergent. Heat sets stains, so be sure all the sap is gone before using the dryer. Repeat the process if any remains.

For sap on a wool coat or leather gloves, the dry cleaner is your best bet.  For a rug, spot-test first, then apply alcohol with a cloth; blot with clean parts of the cloth until the sap is gone.