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Think P.A.C.K. for Clean, Healthy Summer Travel

Messy Beach Kids

The American Cleaning Institute provides recommendations for what cleaning, hygiene and disinfecting products you can pack for your summer vacation destinations.

 When hitting the beach bring…

  • Hand wipes to make removal of sand and suntan lotion a breeze
  • Stain removal wipes to stem the tide of summer stains, such as ketchup and ice cream from clothing
  • Gentle laundry detergent for washing the salt and sand from delicate bathing suits or beach towels

When sightseeing bring…

  • Hand sanitizer for easy on-the-go hygiene while browsing shops and museums.
  • Disinfectant wipes for surfaces in your hotel or motel room, including commonly touched places such as door knobs, telephones and remote controls.
  • Disinfectant spray and air sanitizer to help rid hotel rooms of germs and odors left behind.


Share this activity sheet on your next trip to the beach!

When camping bring…

  • Bar or liquid hand soap because it may be in short supply in the woods.
  • Dishwashing wipes to easily clean utensils, dishes and pots.
  • Fabric softener sheets to keep with laundry to make it smell better until you get home!

 When staying at a rental property bring…

  • Single use, pre-measured tablets or gels for automatic dishwashing, which are easy to pack and easy to use.
  • Window and dusting wipes for quick surface cleanups.

ACI says P.A.C.K. for your next vacation:

Portability is key! Luckily, cleaning wipes and many other cleaning products come in convenient packaging, which you can toss in your travel bag and go.

Anticipate your needs. Chances are, you will wish you had a cleaning product at some point during your vacation.

Clean your surfaces. Whether it’s a hotel countertop or an eating surface at a campsite, wipe down all surfaces to be safe.

Keep hands clean. The best way to prevent illness and the spread of germs is by washing your hands routinely, particularly before eating and after using the restroom.