The American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

2017 ACI Mid Year Meeting

June 6, 2017
ACI’s 2017 Mid-Year Meeting drew more than 100 attendees from 40 companies.

2017 Mid-Year Meeting Whats New

The meeting was held at ACI’s Washington, DC offices.

2017 Mid-Year Meeting Sustainability Speaker Chris Sayner, Croda

The 2017 Mid-Year Meeting opened with a speaker session that provided an overview of the impact of carbon emissions and climate change and how companies can and are addressing it. The session featured Sarah Law, of CDP who provided attendees insights on industry trends and examples of corporate approaches to climate change. Chris Sayer of Croda (right), was also on hand to provide a company perspective on the topic and examples of projects Croda has taken on to address the challenge of decarbonization.

Brian Prenda of Van Scoyoc Associates provided attendees a briefing of pending legislation currently impacting the cleaning products industry. This included the legislative agenda for 2017, efforts to reduce federal regulations and presidential nominations as well as an analysis of the Congressional leadership and the potential consequences of a Republican majority in both houses of Congress and the White House.

Members attended committee meetings related to Sustainability, Government Affairs, Consumer Affairs and Outreach, Communications, Legal, International, Research, Technology and Regulation, Oleochemical in addition to Strategic Advisory. There were also three networking events that provided attendees the opportunity to socialize and catch up with each other. ACI Members can view the 2017 Mid-Year Meeting materials or presentations.