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Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative

ACI has launched the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI) in order to illustrate how safety data and risk assessment methodology are used to demonstrate the safe use of ingredients present in our members’ product.

Complete human and environmental safety data will be publicly available for every chemical ingredient used in every formulated consumer cleaning product manufactured by ACI members. This information will include sufficient hazard data and exposure information, consistent with the use of the ingredient, to perform a screening-level risk assessment demonstrating the safe use of the ingredient.

The major components of this Initiative are being released in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Ingredient Inventory (September 2012) – ACI compiled a comprehensive inventory of more than 900 chemicals used among our members in the manufacture of consumer cleaning products sold in the United States.

  • Phase 2: Hazard Data Portal (December 2013) – ACI has identified publicly available human health and environmental hazard data set(s) for most of cleaning product ingredient on the Ingredient Inventory. ACI has provided web-links to those public hazard data sources associated with each of those ingredients.

  • Phase 3: Exposure Assessment (June 2015) – ACI has identified the human exposure model(s) associated with each cleaning product application for each ingredient on the Ingredient Inventory and estimated the consumer exposure associated with the use of each chemical in cleaning products..

  • Phase 4: Screening-Level Risk Assessment (Summer 2016) – Using output from the Hazard Data Portal and the Exposure Assessments, ACI will prepare a screening-level risk assessment for each ingredient on the Ingredient Inventory and report the "margin of exposure" estimated as a result of consumer use of cleaning products.

In the development and release of information for each phase of the Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative, ACI will utilize its Science website as repository of information regarding ingredient safety, including fact sheets and related documents that support an understanding of the initiative and its results.

For more information, you may contact ACI directly by completing the Contact Us form.